Moving on. Bye for now.

If you’ve been following this blog, you are probably familiar with the evolution of my inner life. I’ve been considering a return to ministry of some kind, but I did not have clarity as to how that might look. I wasn’t interested in starting a church. I’ve done it and failed miserably. Church politics is uglier than your standard non-profit organizational politics. In any case, I do not believe that ministry should be about recruiting more members and raising money. I’m only but one person and all that matters is impact, not empire-building.

About eleven months ago, I briefly played with an idea of starting a “people’s seminary,” a kind of informal study group. But again, this will entail recruiting and recruiting.

Simultaneously, I’ve had a series of events in my life that forced me to rethink my views of feminism, especially as it relates to race and class issues. My view on gender and sexuality are also evolving and expanding of late, I no longer feel a need for a goddess-worship that was part of my obsessive adherence to cultural feminism.

Finally, the last 10 years of my life took me to a variety of life experiences. I’ve taken lots of side trips during these years, including years of involvement in political activism and several years as an entrepreneur. While I value what I experienced and I cherish the memories of these days fondly, ultimately, these were distractions and never fulfilling what I believe to be my core vocation (and core competency).

Today, I’d like to announce that I am moving on to something greater. The renewed vision and sense of vocation necessitate the retiring of this blog.